Bump Tales: Motherhood the ultimate gift of being a woman


Like every other married couple we were also trying to get pregnant. One fine morning, I was not feeling quite good and thought that may be it’s the long trip to work that’s making me sick. But then it suddenly clicked, maybe I am pregnant. On my way back home, I bought the pregnancy test kit. And the moment I saw those two lines confirming my pregnancy, I was then hit by a Tsunami of emotions. I had never felt this way before in my life. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed. But at the same time there was one question that was bothering me – Was I ready to take this added responsibility? Nevertheless, I shared the news with my husband and trust me he had the biggest of the biggest smile on his face. His reaction said everything and without a need for any further thinking, I got my answer – Yes, I AM READY!!! Finally I was on this emotional roller coaster called pregnancy. It is an incredible feeling of having a new life thriving inside you.

We broke the news to our family and friends. And as expected a long list of Do’s and Don’t’s started coming from all corners of the world J. It was so thrilling to know how excited everyone was about my pregnancy.

My mom, mom-in-law and my husband Pranav, accompanied me for the first anomaly scan to see the first ever picture of our baby. It was magical!  She was like a model giving a pose for the camera – a left profile then a right profile front and then back. I could see her tiny hands, feet, head, eyes and nose by the third month of my pregnancy. Isn’t that just wow!!

I was fortunate to have a very smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness or any other complications. Except for that fifth month anomaly scan where doctors told us that my baby might have ARSA (aberrant right subclavian artery). This is a rare morphology of the heart, more commonly found in people with chromosomal abnormalities. This was a very difficult phase with sleepless nights and restless days. All I prayed was for the baby to be all right. Me and my husband were willing to conduct any test and undergo any treatment which would assure us that our baby would be normal. I underwent an amniocentesis at 22 weeks of pregnancy but to our relief the test results were negative and there was nothing wrong with our baby. I have no words to express how relieved and happy I was to learn this.

And finally the day came when my little darling daughter was just about to make my world complete. At 11.30AM my water broke and from 3:30 onwards I started getting labour pains 5mins apart. At 4.42 and with the 3rd push she arrived. Overjoyed Pranav then announced the arrival of our princess Pranjal!!!

I still remember the first time I saw my daughter. It is the most beautiful thing that I have seen in my entire life till now. Tears rolled down my eyes when I held my bundle of joy in my arms. Pranjal recently turned 4. She is growing up so fast but it feels like it was only yesterday that I held her in my arms. Each day with her is like the first and each day I feel more enriched. I am sure that there is no other experience that is as fulfilling as motherhood.