5 Fashion mistakes you need to avoid!

Everyone loves fashion because it is a fun way of expressing yourself. You really don’t need a fashion stylist, all you is to focus on the basics and avoid these petty crimes.

Here are 5 fashion bloopers that you should avoid:

Overdressed/ Underdressed

Fashion mistakes




Dress appropriately for the weather. When in doubt, google it! Knowing about the weather well in advance will keep you from overdressing or underdressing! In summer, it is about wearing the right fabric that keeps you cool and makes you look hot at the same time!

Overdoing accessories and makeup

Fashion mistakes


When you are getting ready, stick to any one statement accessory. Don’t overdo thing. Either wear a necklace, earring or a bracelet. Don’t put everything at once. And never cake your face with too much makeup. Keep it simple and elegant. Dress-up according to the occasion.

Unfitted dress

Fashion mistakes








Two broke divas

Gone are the days when moms would try to hide their pregnant belly. An elegant maternity maxi dress with a ruched fitted side is a dress that will keep your bump accommodated while still keeping the dress close fitting and stylish.

Indoor sunglasses!

Fashion mistakes

Axon optics

One of the biggest mistakes committed by celebrities only to be painfully copied by their fans. Follow this rule- sunglasses are meant to be worn where there is SUN!

Skinny jeans/ tight pants


They are not only uncomfortable but also don’t compliment your beautiful pregnant body. So please spare them!

Have you committed these fashion blunders at some point or the other? Don’t worry, it is never too late. Discover your fashion style which can express your personality in the most amazing manner.

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