You can’t afford to miss these 5 Movies if you are pregnant !

5 must watch pregnancy movies

Hey Mom-to-be! Welcome to the club. We know you’ve been hearing a lot about reading good books and listening to soft music while you are expecting. But how about taking a small break and catching up on a couple of movies? Yes, we know this is not the right time to watch Annabelle or one of those cheesy romantics you love watching with your hubby. As always, we are here to help you with a few suggestions so that you can spend some quality time with your spouse. Also, make sure your he pops some corns and makes you a smoothie!


  1. Ribbon

Director: Rakhee Sandilya

Plot: This movie starring Kalki Koechlin and Sumeet Vyas revolves around the story of a young couple living in a metro. Kalki and Sumeet’s married life comes to a momentary halt when they find out she is pregnant! A soothing blend of lovely sets and familiar feelings this movie is a must watch for all young couples planning on starting a family. The joy of knowing you are pregnant, going to the first ultrasound together, having those bitter sweet fights and what not! The whole process of becoming a parent and the challenges it brings is a wonderful experience and Rakhee has done a great job of capturing it on film. The impact of having a baby on a woman’s career has also been captured and portrayed beautifully. The movie encapsulates the complexities of parenthood and relationships when a couple decides to have a baby!



  1. Knocked up

Director: Judd Apatow

Plot: A lovely romantic comedy featuring a career oriented girl who meets a guy at a bar and they end up making love. The next part is a little predictable as she gets pregnant and just can’t decide if she wants to have the baby or not. However, as luck would have it, Ben the father of the child becomes an amazing partner. The direction of the movie is so brilliant that it makes a lasting impression despite the somewhat cliched storyline. The movie turns Seth and Katherine, a seemingly impossible pair into a family and a happy one at that. 

What we love about the movie: The movie transforms an alcohol fueled one-night stand into a loving and lasting relationship because after-all where there is a baby, there is love!


3. Juno

Director: Jason Reitman

Plot: An American-comedy that won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Juno is about a high school student who after discovering about her accidental pregnancy embarks on the journey to find the perfect parents for her unborn baby. A potpourri of emotions this movie leaves you with so many unanswered questions. Everything from our opinion on teenage pregnancies to how difficult it can be for a young girl to have a baby. The confidence with which Ellen Page has pulled off the role of Juno is simply awe-inspiring. It might seem at loggerheads with our traditional values but nothing helps us evolve as a healthy dialogue.

What we love about the movie: Everything! It’s just one of those classics that we can watch over and over again and absolutely not get bored! The football field scene where Ellen comes closer to the father of her child is a moment so intense that it will make you love your spouse all over again.


  1. Nine Months

Director: Chris Columbus

Plot: Could Hugh Grant be any hotter? We are so jealous of Julianne in the movie. She looks fabulous and sports one of our favourite pregnancy looks of all times! The movie revolves around Hugh and his girlfriend Julianne’s life and how it turns upside down when they find out she is pregnant. The whole sequence about birth control being only 97% effective is hilarious. The movie turns the otherwise carefree Hugh into a caring husband and makes for a lovely watch on a Sunday afternoon.

What we love about the movie: A romantic comedy with a twist, we loved the happy feeling that the movie leaves you with! We might have shed a tear or two!


  1. She’s Having a Baby

Director: John Hughes

Plot: Jake and Kristy are a newly-wed couple and just like most of us, so unprepared for the eventualities of real life. Everything from their first barbeque to having their parents’ home for the first time is a bitter sweet experience. This lesser known classic gradually builds up and the John Hughes factor really comes to fore when Kristy in a fit of anger says ‘I’d go barefoot’. It has all the goodness of a late 80’s classic – slow, soft, romantic and so eerily close to real life. Be prepared for an intense feeling of nostalgia mixed with love!

What we love about the movie: A drama so simple and captivating reminds you of the times when enjoying the weekend with family and laughing about silly things was a common affair.


We hope you have a good time watching these wonderful movies. Happy Pregnancy!

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Written by Meg Green- Editor @Angohealth