6 Fun date ideas for expecting couples!

Pregnancy date ideas

Pregnancy is the most amazing time for a couple. The happiness that pregnancy brings is truly priceless! With the promise of future happiness, pregnancy also brings a lot of responsibilities for the present. Even though you are in love with this tiny human growing inside you and you want to give it everything, nurturing the relationship between you and your partner is equally important. Going out on dates and spending some quality time with your partner (before your new found love arrives) will help you make your bond deeper and stronger.

There are some simple yet interesting ways to have the best of the best time with your partner during pregnancy:
1. Star Gazing: What can be more romantic than spending a night with your partner under the sky full of stars. Pack a soft blanket and pillow and yes don’t forget to carry some healthy snacks and drinks for your special night.
2. Dessert date: Who wants a nice chocolate mousse? All you have to do is to dress up and head straight to your favourite dessert joint in the city with your spouse. This literally is the sweetest way to spend some amazing time with your partner!
3. Dancing: Dancing is a fun exercise and helps in relieving stress. Make sure that you dance a little with your partner whenever possible. It will not only relax you but will also jazz up your relationship. So which song have you thought of!
4. Watching movie: Get cozy in the bed and watch a movie together. Don’t forget to keep some nuts by the side of your bed.
5. Board game night: Before having a baby, become a baby. Play board games with your partner to bring out the child in both of you.
6. Walking: Go out on small walks with your partner. This will not only make the relationship stronger, it will also allow your partner to spend some time with the baby.

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