7 unexpected truths about being a second time mom

First time pregnancy can get you a lot of awwsss…but with baby number two enroute, you are no longer a delicate princess who is growing a new life in a mysterious way. You are an experienced soldier who has gone to battle once and will be doing it all over again. So let’s begin:

  • NO more germ patrolling!

Second time moms

The first time you become a mom, your life’s goal is to not let anyone near your baby. And if by any chance you let anyone touch your baby, they will have to go through an industrial cleaning process (he he he). By the time you deliver your second baby, even a person who has coughed or sneezed directly into their hands also becomes a suitable candidate to play with the baby (pun intended).


  • Lesser ‘Kodak’ Moments:

Second time moms

It’s like the first borns have signed a no-privacy agreement with the parents because nothing is left to imagination- the burps, the poops, the nice hot time in tub, everything is documented with a photo. By the time number 2 arrives, you have seen everything! The only thing you want to get hold of is your sanity (finding it will be difficult). So poor baby has less than half the pictures your older one has. Be prepared, the second baby is going to make you feel guilty about all of this!


  • Been there done that

Second time moms

Sleep-deprivation and hormonal imbalance is all that you experience once you are back home from the hospital. Though you can’t do much about it, this time it will be different. You are more chilled-out now as you actually know what to do (and you don’t need to google every now and then).



  • Sorry, what’s your name? 

Second time moms

If you have more than one kid you tend to mix up the names. But fact of the matter is that it is bound to happen and it is going to be hilarious.




  • No Baby bath every night


Second time momsBaby bath time is always fun when you have one baby to take care of. But with the second one around, you would be looking forward to more of sleep time than bath time!




  • YAY Me time! Good Joke! 

Second time mom

Cup of coffee, nice book, amazing weather- ‘Ideal ME-time ingredients’. Nice try! The only thing you should be learning is to read your kids mind because they can be unpredictable.




  • Sleep? What’s that again?

Second time moms

Even if you have successfully managed to put your baby to sleep, your toddler will make all the possible efforts to not let the other one sleep. So your nap time is something you will have to forget.




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