7 Ways to make your mom feel extra special this MOTHER’S DAY

Mother's day

People say motherhood is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life. But what people call a “PHASE”, lasts a lifetime. Once a mom, always a mom! It’s not to say that you should shower your mother with love only for one day, but what’s better than dedicating a complete day to your mom, making her feel special, letting her know how much loved and lucky you feel to have a mom like her.

Here some ways to make this mother’s day extra special for your mom:


Wake up before her and make her favourite thing for breakfast. You will definitely get full marks and a ‘jaddu ki jhappi’, because ultimately what you cook will not matter but your efforts will.


Apart from breakfast, try involving every one of the family to do her daily chores like cleaning the house, cooking meals etc.


You may not have got a chance to tell your mom how much you love her. This is the day to do that. Write a letter to her expressing your feelings for her. Give the letter early morning or decorate the breakfast table and keep the letter beside her plate. This would be a great start to a fun filled day.


Collect all her favourite stuff, be it a perfume, a nail paint or something to eat or a hand bag she always wanted to buy. Put them all in a basket and decorate the basket with flowers and colourful ribbons. A family photo can be a nice add on.


Moms are so busy doing things for the family that they forget to take out time for themselves. Make an appointment for your mom to be pampered at nice spa. She will love being pampered- having her hair done, getting a massage, and having a pedicure.


Call her near and dear ones, like her siblings and her close friends for a get together. Decide the menu as per her taste and celebrate the evening.


So last but not the least, spend your time with her. Your mother wants you more than anything else. Talk to her, do a movie marathon, talk to her about things you have never got time to ask.  

One thing that will make any of the gifts and things even more special is to include a thank you note, letting her know how you feel about all she’s done through the years. 

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