9 stylish ideas for Fabulous Pregnancy Clothes!!!

1. Looking for pregnancy fashion ideas?

Pregnant and thinking to clear out a section of your wardrobe for maternity clothes? With the exception of a few items and maybe during the last few months – if you shop smart, you can increase the life of your wardrobe so that it lasts from pre-pregnancy to even after your little bundle of joy has arrived. Let’s look at few great items you should have in your wardrobe that will be comfortable and will make you look fabulous no matter what size you are. We understand buying pregnancy clothes can be tough and lets hope this makes it easier for you!

2. Leggings

You can never go wrong with a good pair of dark, stretchy leggings. They are comfortable and can prove to be a bliss on your most bloated days. They also give your body a streamlined look. You can wear regular leggings and you will be able to wear them for those post-baby days when your pregnancy pouch may still be seen. When your bump is big, just place the waistband below for more comfort.

3. Tunic

One of the best item on the list. They hide and compliment multiple body issues and bumps. They often have beautiful, slimming details like bracelet-length sleeves, deep V-necklines and vented sides. Before pregnancy, it can be worn as a dress. During your pregnancy, you might want to pair it with leggings or wear it over skinny jeans. After baby, you will appreciate the extra room and the added fabric that can provide a modest cover while nursing.

4. Maxi dress

Talking about these beauties, they have become so much in vogue with women of all ages. Go for a soft jersey fabric that you can wear easily over your changing body. You probably don’t need to buy maxi dresses in the maternity department. As long as you find one in a comfortable fabric, these super amazing dresses will go handy through every stage of your pregnancy.

5. Long tank top

Who doesn’t have tank tops! But when you are looking for a tank during pregnancy, do consider investing in the best one you can find. Tanks in stretchy microfiber blends, ruching on the sides, and has thick straps that can hide a bra (regular or nursing) and adjust with the change in your breasts before and after pregnancy. You can wear it with an oxford shirt (that doesn’t fit you anymore) with a slim belt over it. Tank top alone is also a very effortless and comfortable way of dressing during and post pregnancy. The longer length will accommodate your belly and will cover your rear – especially when you are pairing it with leggings or skinny jeans.

6. Shift dress

A classic shift dress with a slight A-line is another good option to go with. It will give your body a youthful, deconstructed shape that is flattering on nearly everyone, and especially so for new moms or moms-to-be. When you are not pregnant, a shift will lightly hide your curves but has a lot of sass and swing. As you grow, there is still space for your belly and your legs to take centre stage. A dress with a scoop neck or even spaghetti straps is great option.

7. A great scarf

It is not necessary items of clothing, but it is a very versatile accessory that will amp up a variety of looks, add style to an otherwise monochromatic outfit. Thrown in a long necklace or chunky earrings (whatever you like) along with the scarf, it will help you make each outfit look extraordinary. Another advantage of scarf is- once the baby arrives, a scarf can switch into a nursing cover or a blanket for a quick rest in the park.

8. Wrap dress

When baby is not yet there, a classic wrap dress is a very elegant and easy way to dress up. Once your body starts to change, readjust the fit by fixing the dress’s ties a bit higher (right under your bust). Look for stretchy, blended fabrics that will grow with you but get right back into shape. If dresses are not your thing, wrap-style tops are a great option for any stage.

9. Fold-over yoga pants

A pair of black boot-cut yoga pants is another effortless and easy clothing item for your wardrobe. You can wear them to gym, to the store, to a casual lunch with friends, or even to see a noontime movie. Look out for a pair with a wide fold-over waistband, this will allow you to either fold it down beneath your belly or pull it up over the bump, when the extra holding of your belly might feel nice. If you have a c-section, you will probably live in these pants after delivery, as they will not irritate the incision while it is healing.

10. Dark, stretchy & skinny jeans

The term “skinny jeans” has nothing to do with how, skinny you are. It is just a way in which the manufacturers describe a range of jeans that have – a slim, curve- hugging fit that gives a smooth, extended look. Choose a dark denim, which is universally suitable. Go for a pair with is made of stretchy material or lycra so that it can withstand the sudden growth ahead, as well as snap back once you are in the fourth trimester and beyond.