Dads-to-be: 7 Things you should know before becoming a DAD!

For dads-to-be

Becoming a dad might seem exciting! But it is when you become a dad, you realise what it actually is. From changing diapers to singing lullabies to having sleepless nights; fatherhood can be a rollercoaster ride. And hence, it is always better to know beforehand what you should and should not expect after you bring your little one home.

So here are few things you should know to save yourself from saying “I wish I would have known these”:

  • Sleepless nights

    You might be a boss at office but now you have a boss baby at home. Get ready to give up your peacefully sleep to change diapers at midnight. And when you think you are done for the day, the new tiny member of the family might be up for a late night snack!

  • “No rest” evenings

    Baby needs mommy the most, but what to do if mommy is tired handling the baby all day long. Don’t you worry, ‘Daddy the best’ is in the town. Try your luck at singing, or you can also gently rock the baby, this might help you putting the baby to sleep.

  • Vacations are no more the same
    Travelling lite will now be a dream! You will have to carry all baby essentials like feeding bottle, wipes, diapers etc. And yes to top it all, you will have to bear the guilt of annoying your co-passengers due to your crying baby.
  • Time management
    This is the time to use all your managerial skills. Divide and manage your time with your partner so that both of you get time to take care of your baby and also get sometime for yourselves and for each other.
  • A halt on your sex life
    O yes! We are not kidding. Baby will not only leave you sleepless but also sexless (pun intended). Once the baby arrives, both of you might not get time for each other or maybe you might not be in a mood. Knowing this well in advance and talking about this with your partner will help you later when the baby arrives.
  • Emotional support to your partner
    Your wife needs you now more than ever. After a long hectic day with the baby, all she needs is you. Though you might be tired too, try spending some time listening and talking to your wife. This will mean a lot to her.
  • Get involved
    We hope by now you must have got a fair idea of what your life would be once the baby arrives. Summing up all the above points we would like to say, a baby needs a mother and a father equally. So pull up your socks, baby en route!

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