Holi hai! Safety tips for celebrating HOLI during pregnancy.

Celebrating HOLI during pregnancy

Holi is a festival of fun and frolic. But things change when you are pregnant. Don’t they? You need to take special care of yourself and your baby. Use homemade colors instead of using ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ colors available in the market as they may contain chemicals like lead, mercury etc. Better safe than sorry!

But that does not mean that you stay away from all the fun. Here are some tips that will help you celebrate Holi without compromising the festive spirit:


Synthetic colors can be harmful for you and your baby. The chemicals in these colors can pass through the placenta and can affect the growth of the baby. These chemicals are also capable of causing breathing problems, skin irritation, rashes, eye soreness etc. Therefore, it would be in the best interest of the baby and mommy, to use homemade colors.


Holi and water can be a risky affair! Playing with water can increase the risk of slipping which might have serious consequences. Go for a dry and safe Holi.


Holi without gujiya is like holi without colors! But too much sweet can add to your weight problem and is very unhealthy for your baby. But if you are still craving meetha, then have in moderation. And who can forget bhaang!!! But when it comes to Bhaang you should also remember that it is an intoxicant and is not good for the baby! There’s nothing to feel sad about. You can replace it with a glass of healthy orange juice and keep up the festive spirit of HOLI. Cheers!


Family and festivals can’t be separated. But now that you are pregnant, avoid crowded places and don’t get involved in games that need a lot of running around. Remember, safety comes first!

Don’t forget to:
  • Protect your skin from the sun, wear full sleeves.
  • Use moisturizer before you begin playing with colors.
  • Get the good old ‘champi’ before stepping out.
  • Stay away from smoke to avoid suffocation during Holika Dahan.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you miss all the fun. Just keep these few things in mind before you step out to play. Happy Holi and don’t forget your safety comes first!

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