Important things to ask your mom when you’re pregnant

Pregnancy is a very important part of a women’s life, experiencing it for the first time can be overwhelming and bring a lot of questions to mind. The questions will vary for each one of us and here is a list of the top questions that you must ask your own mother during pregnancy.

1. What to eat and what to avoid?
With everyone giving you an opinion on the matter, do take some time out and ask your mom for her suggestions as she knows your tastes best.

2. What types of symptoms did you experience when you were pregnant, and how did you address them?
Common symptoms during pregnancy include mild swelling of the hands and feet, pain in the lower back, nausea and a host of other things. Make sure you ask your mom to provide you with home remedies to take care of these symptoms.

3. How was the experience of labour for you?
Knowing about this can help you reduce anxiety and prepare you better for what’s to come.

4. What was the funniest part or the most memorable part of your pregnancy?
Everyone has a pregnancy story to share and nothing like having a few good laughs on a nice Sunday afternoon.