Read Aloud! 9 amazing books to read to your baby during pregnancy!

Books to read during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phase in a women’s life. It is said a baby’s neural system starts developing as early as the twenty-sixth week of pregnancy. During this time, you can train your baby’s brain to recognise words and sounds. Reading aloud and introducing your baby to music and words can increase your baby’s intelligence and acclimate your baby to your voice. Even though your baby may not understand the meaning of the words but your baby can surely pick up on the tone of the sentences and learn to respond to them.

Babies have a short attention span so it is always better to divide your reading session into small yet informative segments. Selection of lighthearted, soothing material full of humor and fun would be the best way to entertain you and your baby. You may find the task of having to choose the best reading material difficult, so we have made a suggestive list to help you and have also provided with a source from where you can buy them:-

1. The Belly Book

Less of a book and more of a journal that gives you the chance to preserve your feelings and emotions forever. It provides for spaces against each question that you need to answer on a week to week basis with comments and photographs of your growing belly and the ultrasound scan images of your baby.

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2. The Belly Laughs

The book comparises of different stories based on the personal experience of the author which you will find easy to relate to with a lot of humor content used for describing the challenges a pregnant women may encounter during her term of pregnancy.

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3. The Pregnancy Countdown Book

With a touch of humor, the book guides expecting mothers by providing them essential day-to-day guidelines. It highlights the times when pregnancy can be challenging. It also provides tips and a great deal of well-rounded information related to pregnancy and answers to some of the questions that you as a women may be embarassed to ask.

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4. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

This is one of the best books to read during Pregnancy. It provides an outline on how to identify the personality of your baby by providing a chance to decipher the baby language and use it to interpret their baby’s nature. It also offers a guide for how to set a routine that is acceptable to the baby.

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5. Pregnancy Cook Book

Is it getting difficult to keep fulfiling that growing appetite? Try the Pregnancy Cook Book and make some delectable and healthy meals. The book contains wholesome and nutricious recipes for pregnant women and is surely a must buy during pregnancy.

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6. A Child is Born

A masterpiece that offers beautiful and extraordinary glimpses of life inside the womb. The book uses photographic technology and art to show the development of the human embryo and fetus from conception to birth. Written by doctors, it was first published 40 years ago and describes prenatal development and offers advice on antenatal care.

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7. Llama Llama Red Pajama 

A book where Baby Llama turns bedtime stories into a fun filled drama. Anna Dewdney has brought together rhythm and rhymes that are not only good for your baby but would be so entertaining to read for you.

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8. The working women’s pregnancy book

The book provides a complete guide to all the subjects and queries you would expect to have if you are among the women who hold their jobs during their pregnancy. A practical and reassuring book that will inform, reassure and empower you throughout the miraculous journey of pregnancy.

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9. The Spiritual You

Last but not the least, having a spiritual touch during pregnancy will not only calm your mind and soul but will also help in providing a great amount of advice and guidance to your growing baby. Be it the Bhagavad Gita or the Bible, spiritual energy would be great for you and your baby too. So be free to choose as you may like.

Happy Pregnancy!

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