These photos of childbirth will leave you spellbound (Viewer Discretion Advised)

Childbirth is one the most beautiful and magical phenomenon one can experience. A matchless amalgamation of intense pain and boundless love. The shrill first cry of a baby is the a sound par excellence. Over the years mother’s have beaten countless odds and endured the harshest of realities to bring us all into the world.

This International Association of Professional Birth Photographers recently announced the winners of their annual Birth Photography Image Competition and the results are just breathtaking. So sit back, take a deep breath and look at these complete marvels.
P.S. These photos include nudity and viewer discretion is adviced.

1. Road to deliverance

First Prize Winner

Photographer: Jaydene Freund                                                                             Source

2. Determination

Best in category: Labour

Photographer: Katie Mathis                                                                                   Source

3. Born With A Splash

Best in category: Delivery

Photographer: Elizabeth Farnsworth                                                                      Source

4. Straight From Heaven

Best in category: Post Partum

Photographer: Natasha Hance                                                                               Source

5. Pieces Of Me

Best in category: Birth Details

Photographer: Kourtnie Scholz                                                                              Source