Things no one told you about being pregnant

Being pregnant is tough and probably the most serious thing of your lives; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lighter side to it. Read on to know some of those things that will make you happy, sad, angry and teary eyed all at once. Oops that pregnancy!

6. You are going to be very hungry all the time

If there is ever a catch 22 situation you’ll face it’ll be during the beginning of your pregnancy. The nausea won’t let you eat and the empty stomach will cause nausea! But, don’t be fooled; it is generally for a small period of time and after that you are going to be eating for two. Literally and figuratively. You’ll be surprised how much and how often! Remember the old Hindi movies where the husbands used to take their wives out for paani puri? We suggest take a chair along because you’ll be having a lot of it!

5. But god forbid someone takes your food

Let us hope this never happens to anyone around you. When William Congreve said ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ he was probably referring to the rage you’ll feel when someone eats the last bite of anything! The hormones are going to make you really emotional and you might find yourself losing it over seemingly trivial things. But don’t worry, it’ll all make for some hilarious stories to tell the kids.

4. Random people will want to touch your tummy

Not even kidding! For some reason humans seem to have developed this uncontrollable urge to touch pregnant tummies. Now we know they mean well, you know they mean well but after a point it is going to drive you nuts! Now we strongly recommend not using your Kung Fu skills. However, maybe you could give them that death scare; you know the one that scares the hell out of your dearest hubby 😛

3. Your baby is going to move! Not those cute kicks but MOVE

Now don’t be scared! The baby is just learning to flex her muscles and is constrained for space. It starts like a flutter sometime during your second trimester but as your baby grows, you’ll sometimes see the movements yourself. Some women feels quite uncomfortable walking around during the last few weeks because the baby’s movements makes them lose balance. But hey, that just means the little one is hale and healthy.

2. You are going to fart! Quite loudly sometimes

Remember the time when your husband let go a little gas and you were furious? Well it’s payback time! All that eating and indigestion is going to make a lot of gas and sometimes when you are least aware of it, you might let a big one slip. Being pregnant gives you the liberty to be a little messy. It’s going to be embarrassing at first but like all mothers will tell you, it makes for some really funny stories to laugh about.

Amidst all the things you are going through, hope this brought a smile to your face. You know how much we love it when you smile. If you have a funny story to share with us, drop a mail on and we’d love to share it with the community.