5 Healthy twists to give your sweets this HOLI!

Healthy Holi recipes

Along with the madness of colour smearing and water splashing, HOLI is also about delicious sweets and snacks. Gujiya, ladoo, tikki, thandai- the mouth waters just by hearing the names. Amidst all the feasting, it is quite easy to overlook health. But now that your bundle of joy is growing inside you and all that you eat reaches your baby, it becomes even more important for you to take care of your diet.

While the versatility of a gujiya is unbeatable and the richness of thandai is also hard to compete with, there are healthy alternatives to your favourite sweets that will help you have the best of both worlds.


Holi without gujiyas is unimaginable! But we can always make them healthy by stuffing them with dry fruits instead of khoya which is high in fat.

Besan ke Ladoo

Try some amazing ladoos made from yellow chana. Not only does this add to the protein, it also requires less ghee. Another good alternative loaded with nutrition can be ‘nuts ka ladoo’. It is made of muskmelon, pumpkin and watermelon seeds, dried cranberries and dates. Heating it up a little will make the cranberries and dates sticky enough to bind the ladoo and you will not have to add any ghee to it.

Tikki Chhole

Who doesn’t like Tikki chhole. It is a mouth-watering snack but loaded with the starch-rich potatoes. But you can always make your stuffing healthy by using less potatoes and more of carrots, beetroot and paneer. Wrap them with some healthy oats and stir fry the tikki, instead of deep-frying it. Serve it hot with yogurt and chhole.


While we accept that nothing can beat the feeling of soft kaju katli melting in the mouth but they aren’t a healthy option. Replace kaju with pistachios. You can also use almonds, figs and dates. Badaam barfi and Pista barfi are much healthier.


Thandai is the most loved drink on Holi. But when mixed with bhaang, it can be very dangerous for you and your baby. But there are always healthier alternatives like a low-calorie thandai made from toned milk, more of almond without bhaang.

So give your palate a healthy treat, try these recipes and celebrate the festival of colours. Happy Holi!

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