Do you crave cheese burger all the time??? Know how to satisfy your food cravings?

Food cravings are a common during pregnancy. Sometimes you would want to eat a cheese burger or a tub filled with ice cream. Technically, there is no definition for food cravings neither there is a data which states what a women’s craving can be like. It has also not been mentioned anywhere that food cravings can be harmful to the baby in any way.

However, theories represent that food cravings can happen due to lack of nutrient in your body or it could also happen due to the changing hormones in your body.  Food cravings typically depend from pregnancy to pregnancy. Some women sometimes eat nonfood items like clay paper, paint chips, clay etc. This condition is called Pica which indicates iron deficiency. However, eating too much of these items can cause bowels and stop your baby from getting nutrients and making you feel full.

Consumption of alcohol can increase the health risk for you and your baby.

Here are some ways you can overcome food cravings during your pregnancy.

  1. Eat a balanced and healthy diet, like fruits, vegetables, dairy products, food with a lot of proteins and legumes. This will help you stay healthy and help your baby’s healthy growth.
  2. Regular eating is a must. Eating after every half an hour can avoid drops in blood sugar.
  3. Want to a have a big packet of chips? Well, go ahead but make sure that those chips are baked. Try making your fat intake as less as possible. In the same way take frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.
  4. Sufficient exercising is a must. Do regular exercise so that your body is ready to take all the nutrients in.

Make sure that you don’t gain excess fat during your pregnancy because that will be the case of preeclampsia (a state where pregnant women develop high blood pressure due to high level of protein in their urine.)

If these tips do not help then refer to your doctor for guidance.

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