Worried about pregnancy weight gain? Don’t be!!

pregnancy weight gain

Most of the women have that ‘oops’ moment as soon as they step on the weighing scale at the end of their first trimester. Maggie Baumann, M.F.T., C.E.D.S., a psychotherapist based in Newport Beach, California says “it’s normal for a pregnant woman to be surprised by her pregnancy weight gain – it can feel like a lot in a short span of time”. But putting on those extra pounds can be a positive experience in itself as long as you are taking a healthy diet everyday and exercising moderately.

5 reasons why you should not worry about pregnancy weight gain:

It’s highly important for the baby

Your growing weight helps support the baby in his development. The risk of having a preterm or low birth-weight are increased if the upcoming mothers’ don’t gain enough during their pregnancy. It can also lead to health issues for the baby including and not restricted to respiratory, digestion & cardio problems during birth or later in life.


The mother’s body starts preparing for breast feeding by storing some fat during the course of pregnancy. As the pregnancy hormones increase, so does your breast size due to the increased fluid, tissue swelling and early milk production. This again adds to the body weight and well who wouldn’t like to experience the joys of cleavage?

Increased blood supply

The blood supply is said to increase by about 50% during pregnancy. The most obvious being that which occurs in the uterus and the development of the placenta to make the baby grow. Adding yet another few pounds on that scale.

Baby’s weight

Your baby’s weight also adds to your already increasing pounds during pregnancy and your pregnancy weight also directly affects the baby’s weight at birth. The amniotic fluid that your baby is living in alone weighs around 2 to 3 pounds. So even the slightest thought of dieting during pregnancy can in no way be a good idea.

Nothing lasts forever

Having those pregnancy curves is a thing to cherish and not worry about because after all these changes are not going to last forever. As soon as the baby making hormones level-off your body will tend to release fluid weight that it was retaining and also tackle the fat that had been stored.

The well advised way to deal with pregnancy weight gain is to simply ignore it and understand that your body is changing to support a new life growing inside you and that these changes are not permanent!

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