Healthy and refreshing pregnancy drinks

Healthy and refreshing pregnancy drinks
Healthy drinks

Here’s a list of healthy and refreshing pregnancy drinks


During pregnancy, your body needs to be well hydrated due to the changing demands of the body. Water helps to keep your blood cells healthy and body hydrated. Water is a key component of breast milk and very important for good lactation.

Coconut water

Coconut water is an isotonic beverage that not only helps prevent dehydration but also relieves you from exhaustion by stocking up the natural salts lost by the body during sweating. It is a very healthy option for satisfying your thirst when pregnant.

Limeade (nimbu pani)

The all-time favourite! Nimbu pani keeps you hydrated and supplies vitamin C to your body. Vitamin C helps absorb iron more effectively. Not only this, nimbu pani also helps you fight morning sickness. Just add some mint, crushed ginger and you are good to go.

Fresh fruit juices

Sweet lime, oranges, pineapple, musk melon, & watermelons are great source of nutrients. Though packaged juices are not recommended but if you are going for packaged juices, make sure you check the label for ‘100 per cent juice. There is a high chance that the drink might contain more sugar and artificial flavours than real fruit!

Milk based drinks

It is advisable to have milk products as they are high in calcium, protein and Vitamin B-12. Lassi and buttermilk are a great way to keep yourself cool & hydrated. Milkshakes and fruit smoothies made with some milk, curd, ice and fruit are full with minerals and nutrients. These go great as a healthy snack between the meals.

Grand ma’s drinks

Jal jeera & aam panna  have been our all time favourite drinks at home. They are not only tasty but also helps in keeping your body hydrated during pregnancy. It can also help you cope with morning sickness. Make sure you go light on the spices.

Home-made vegetable juices

If you are not able to consume enough vegetables in your diet, don’t worry and try drinking your vegetable instead. Vegetable juices not only are very refreshing & hydrating but also provide you with the essential nutrients.

Fruit mock tails

Going to a party?? Wondering what to drink there? Don’t worry. Fruit mocktails are not only tasty but are a glass full of nutrients for you and your baby. They look good, are healthy and nutritious and light on the pocket; the perfect trio.