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Ask Me Anything- Ango Health

Pregnancy is a very crucial phase of a woman’s life where she has to be careful about everything around her. While she is struggling with morning sickness and body pains, suddenly everybody around her becomes a pregnancy expert. She is overload with unwanted advice which may or may not be safe for her or her baby. Where websites, blogs and communities will definitely help you with the answers you are looking for, but there is nothing like a doctor answering your queries every week and that too without you stepping out of your house.

We at ANGO HEALTH have always believed in providing a platform to the pregnant women which provides the most credible information in the most convenient way.

ASK ME ANYTHING is a live session conducted by ANGO HEALTH on every Sunday at 1 PM. The session is done by renowned gynaecologists from Delhi/NCR region who address all the queries asked by pregnant women and provide them with answers during the session.

The idea behind doing this session is to provide the pregnant women with pool of credible information within their comfort zone.