Walking during pregnancy
Walking during pregnancy

Walking, in general, is great for your body because it keeps your body active. However, the benefits of walking are even more pronounced during pregnancy. As long as your doctor approves of it, walking during pregnancy is a great exercise.

So you might ask, what are the benefits of walking during pregnancy?

Helps you stay physically fit

Walking is a complete exercise for your body. It improves your overall cardiovascular health and tones your body’s muscles.

Lowers the risk of associated conditions

Walking helps you keep a check on your body weight and helps reduces cholesterol. This is believed to lower the risk of gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia.

Increases the chances of having a normal delivery

Walking during pregnancy not only improves your body’s flexibility, but also tones your hip muscles. These strengthened muscles ensure you have a smooth and less painful delivery. Early morning walks are the best way to start your day. They help you beat morning sickness and have an energetic day.

Acts as a stress-buster

Mood swings are a common symptom of pregnancy. You can go from being ecstatic and happy to paranoid and angry in no time. It is natural to be stressed about your pregnancy and impending parenthood. This is where walking helps the most. Walking during pregnancy helps your body release endorphins (the chemicals responsible for making you ‘feel good’), making you feel positive and happy.

Relieves aches and discomforts

Body ache is a common symptom of pregnancy. While these aches happen because your body is adjusting to the expanding belly and the hormonal changes. They are worsened due to a lack of regular exercising and activity. Walking on a regular basis, helps you keep your body active and less prone to experiencing such discomforts.

Other benefits

Walking on a regular basis not only keeps you fit and agile but also reduces your chances of developing fatigue, varicose veins, morning sickness, cramps, and constipation. It also helps reduce sleeplessness, another common occurrance during pregnancy. This means you wake up relaxed, fresh and ready to take on the challenges of the day with renewed energy.