Best exercises during pregnancy

Exercises during pregnancy

Why should I exercise when I’m pregnant?

There are many good reasons to stay active during pregnancy. Exercises during pregnancy improves strength, muscle tone, and prepares you for labour. Exercise will:

  • help you sleep better
  • prepare you for labour
  • improve your mood

What are the best exercises during pregnancy?

Best exercises when you’re pregnant are those that get your heart pumping and keep you flexible. It’s great to combine the following to really feel the benefits.

  1. Aerobics, for your heart and lungs.
  2. Exercises for your muscles, to improve strength and flexibility.

A combination of Yoga and walking on alternate days also works well. Register with us to receive a free pregnancy fitness plan. Try to do exercises that you enjoy.

It’s good to get active while doing your daily household chores also. Take the stairs instead of the lift, do gardening or mopping. These count as exercises too.

Avoid sports where there is a risk of hurting your bump, or of slipping. This means avoiding skating, gymnastics, horse riding, squash, etc.

The following exercises are safe and usually recommended in pregnancy. However always follow your doctor’s advice on what’s best for you.


Walking is great for your heart. There are great benefits of walking. It keeps you fit and active, and is a safe exercise throughout pregnancy. Take a walk to the market rather than taking your car. Ask a family member to join you for walking.
Check out the dos and don’ts for walking, and frequently asked questions.


Running is one of the best ways to work your body and heart. Just be sure to listen to your body. Avoid overheating, keep taking breaks, drink plenty of water. Is the summer preventing you from exercising? Check out how you can stay active during hot and humid climate.

However. if running is new to you, pregnancy is not the best time to start it. It’s recommended you do walking or swimming in that case.


Swimming is a great workout for your entire body. It exercises your legs and arms, and works your lungs and heart. You’ll enjoy swimming more the bigger your bump gets.

If you like being around people, it’s a good idea to join a swimming class.


Doing Yoga has many benefits when you’re pregnant. It tones your muscles and improves posture. It’s recommended to couple Yoga with an exercise that works your heart, such as walking, aerobics, etc.

It’s a good idea to join a prenatal Yoga class. Your instructor can tell you the best exercises specific to your condition. Moreover, you’ll get to meet other pregnant women and share your experiences.

Low Impact Aerobics

Aerobics is safe as long it is low impact. Joining an antenatal class can help you teach more about it.


These exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and your tummy. Pilates helps strengthen muscles that become weak during pregnancy. It’s a good idea to join an antenatal pilates class. Your instructor can teach you right postures to strengthen your core muscles. You’ll also learn how to relax by timing your breathing while exercising. These come in very handy during labour and delivery.

Weight Training

If you have been doing weight training before you got pregnant, you can safely continue doing it. It helps tone your muscles and is good for your body. Just be careful not to overheat your body.


Dance helps you work your heart while enjoying your favorite music. Just be sure not to stretch yourself too much or jump, twist, twirl or change directions suddenly.