Do’s and Don’ts for walking during pregnancy

Do's and Don'ts for walking during pregnancy
Walking during pregnancy

We know how important walking can be when you’re pregnant. It has a variety of benefits: from elevating your mood to ensuring a normal delivery to helping you sleep better.

So as you start developing a walking regime for yourself, follow our list of dos and don’ts to ensure a great walking experience for you and your baby-to-come:

Dos for walking during pregnancy

  • Do give yourself some time to gear up to exercise. You might find it a task initially, but keep trying – it should get more and more effortless with every passing day.
  • Do wear comfortable and light clothing.
  • Do make it a point to walk for at least 15 minutes every day, and you can gradually increase once you get into the groove.
  • Do use walking shoes to support your ankles and arches. Avoid using slippers or sandals as they might cause you to slip.
  • Do carry a water bottle to help you keep your body hydrated all the times. Dehydration during pregnancy may raise your body temperature and is not safe for your growing baby.
  • Do stop or pause when you feel tired or exhausted. Listen to your body, do not over exert yourself.

Don’ts for walking during pregnancy

  • Don’t expect an overnight transformation (to either your weight, mood or sleep pattern). It will take some time.
  • Don’t slump and walk. Make sure you keep an upright posture when you are walking.
  • Don’t forget to apply a sunscreen or lotion or wear a hat if you’re going out to walk on a sunny day.
  • Don’t go for a walk when it is dark outside or the weather is not conducive to walking as you might stumble or fall.
  • Don’t walk on terrain you’re unsure of. This means you should generally avoid roads, stairs or mountainous terrain. A walk in the park usually is the best option. It not only helps you keep away from pollution but the calm atmosphere around you helps you enjoy your walk.

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