FAQs for walking during pregnancy

FAQs for walking during pregnancy
FAQs for walking during pregnancy

Walking is a great exercise for you when you are pregnant. It’s amazing how such a simple activity that we do daily can have such great benefits for you and your baby-to-come. You might have a lot of questions related to it, so let’s get right into answering them for you! You might also want to check out a walking regime we have made especially for you, and also the dos and don’ts to follow.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Walking During Pregnancy

1) I want to know if walking can induce labour?

A: Yes! Walking is a commonly recommended way by experts to naturally induce labour. You would remember lessons on gravity you had in school as a kid. That is what works here. While you walk, the force of gravity moves your baby farther down along the cervix. It applies pressure which in turn stimulates the body to release Oxytocin – the hormones which trigger and regulate contractions. Thus, walking definitely helps speed up the body’s natural labour process.

2) Okay, so walking does help induce labour. I want to know how I can prepare myself before going for a walk?

A: If you feel like, you can drink half a glass of milk or eat half of an apple before going for a walk. It might also be a good idea to get a maternity belt (which is commonly available at chemists and medical stores). It helps you maintain a good posture required for walking when you are pregnant. You can carry your phone or a small music player to listen to music to make your walk more enjoyable. It’s a good idea to stretch various parts of your body as you prepare for your walk, it helps relieve soreness. Also, it helps to find a walking partner. They will not only keep you company while walking, but will also keep you motivated and help you stick to your walking regime. Take your spouse along with you for walks when you both are available, say early morning. Or you might find a companion in the park where you choose to go for your walks.

3) And what are the things to keep in mind while I’m taking a walk?

A: You should always look ahead while walking to avoid tripping or falling. If you have just started with your walking regime, ensure that you don’t walk too fast if you are not comfortable with it. Developing a good walking speed happens gradually over time, and till then it’s good to walk at a speed you feel comfortable with. Also, you can take breaks in between your walks if you feel tired or hot or run out of breath.

4) What should I do after I come back from my walks?

A: Since keeping your body hydrated is important and more so when you are pregnant, you should drink water or coconut water after you come back from your walks. Also, tell yourself that you are going to follow your walking schedule. This will help you stay motivated to follow the regime. You might also want to spend some time with your spouse and family and share your walking stories or experiences with them. Sharing a part of your lives not only helps you feel good about it, but also helps create memories that you can cherish when you grow older.

5) I have been walking too much during my pregnancy. Is it bad for my body or my baby? Can it harm me in any way?

A: No. Walking is one of the simplest and yet one of the best exercises for your body, so it is not bad at all to walk a lot when you are pregnant. However, it’s always recommended to follow your doctor’s advice before you begin following a walking regime, because everyone’s body is different, and your doctor shall give you the best advice according to your body and conditions. Moreover, the purpose of walking is to exercise your body without putting it under undue stress. So listen to your body and do not over exert yourself.

Apart from these FAQs, you might have other questions in your mind. You can ask your questions in the community and we will make sure

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