Running during pregnancy

Can I run when I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can carry on running if you were a regular before you got pregnant. However, do talk to your doctor before starting. Every pregnancy is different and your doctor might suggest the best exercise suited to you.

Running during pregnancy is a great way to work your heart and body. Just ensure to run at a comfortable pace. Jogging is generally preferred over running.

Keep in mind that running can be hard on knees and the pelvic floor. Your body produces a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy. This loosens joints and makes you prone to injury. So if you’re not used to running; try walking or swimming. They are great workouts for your body.

How can I run safely when I’m pregnant?

The thumb rule is to stick to a comfortable pace. You can follow the following tips to have a smooth running experience.

  • Do warm-up before starting
  • Don’t tire yourself or run out of breath
  • Take a water bottle with you. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after to prevent dehydration.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and running shoes
  • Run on smooth terrain, like pavements. This ensures your safety.
  • Ask a friend or family member to join you. A good conversation will relax you even more.
  • Carry your music player if you want. It will calm your mind. Don’t listen to loud music as it’s good to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Go for a jog when the weather is conducive. If it’s hot and humid outside, follow our guide to help you.

Should I change my regime during pregnancy?

If you were a regular runner before pregnancy, it’s safe to continue doing it. Just be sure your doctor gives a go-ahead before starting. Always listen to your body and never tire yourself. Take ample breaks and drink lots of water.

Here are some tips for each trimester of your pregnancy.

  • First Trimester: Make sure not to overheat yourself. Your body finds it harder to regulate temperature in 1st trimester. Avoid jogging in hot and humid weather. It’s a good idea to use a treadmill in an air-conditioned room, in your home or gym.
  • Second Trimester: Be aware of your growing bump. It makes you more prone to slips and falls. Wear comfortable shoes and choose firm terrain to jog on.
  • Third Trimester: Keep taking ample breaks. Your bump is big and you might feel it difficult to jog. Try walking or swimming. Don’t feel disheartened as it’s normal for your overall fitness level to go down.