Pregnancy fitness during hot and humid climate

Experts suggest you should take extra care while exercising in hot conditions. This becomes especially important during pregnancy. Since the weather in India can get hot and humid, you should choose exercises which are safe for you.

You should avoid getting too hot during the first trimester. That is the time your baby’s major organs develop. Overheating of your body may cause birth defects. Most doctors recommend that you start your fitness regime from the second trimester. Apart from this, there are some warning signs you should keep in mind while exercising.

Here are some options for pregnancy fitness during hot and humid conditions.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is great for overall health during pregnancy. It works wonders when coupled with walking. These two are mostly recommended during pregnancy. Read our beginner’s guide to Yoga and benefits of Yoga during pregnancy. Also, check out the benefits of walking during pregnancy.
However, you should avoid doing Yoga in hot and humid conditions. Best is to join a Yoga class conducted indoors. You can also request a Yoga expert to visit your home. Check out which Yoga types are usually recommended during pregnancy.

Walk when it’s cooler

Early morning walks work best. You can also go for a late evening walk. If it’s hot outside, you may want to walk inside your home. Using a treadmill at home or gym can also work well.
It’s a good idea to invest in a fitness band or tracker. It can help you keep a track of steps, heart rate, calories burned, etc. It also helps you to set a daily goal. When you see your progress you’ll feel motivated.

Make household chores count

Everyday tasks can help you stay fit while staying indoors. They can be as simple as dusting or mopping or sweeping the floor.
Find ways you can move about more. Use a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner so that your body stays active.

Dance Indoors

Dancing is a great way to get your heart pumping. Play your favorite songs in the privacy and comfort of your room and dance to them. Make sure you don’t make any sharp movements, like jump, twist, twirl or leap.
It’s a good idea to join a dance class. You will feel motivated dancing around people and learning new steps. You might also make new friends. Make sure you tell your dance teacher you are pregnant.

Do low impact aerobics

Aerobics strengthen your lungs and heart and keep your muscles toned. Low impact aerobics mean no jumping, leaps, high kicks, fast running, etc. You should keep one foot on ground all the time, as a rule.
You can consider joining an aerobics class near you.

It is recommended you seek a pregnancy fitness expert’s advice on which exercises are best for you.