All about Sciatica


The intense pain one experiences while lifting heavy loads in your hips that goes shooting through to your thighs is something we all have experienced at some point of time. You have sciatica to thank for that, more specifically stretching of sciatic nerve.

Intensity of pain can vary and it is mostly curable. The nerve of sciatica is located in most joints and pain of sciatica is caused by stretching of this nerve in the lower spinal region.

Why during pregnancy?

A bulging or herniated disc gives rise to this pain. Different changes in bone structure, such as stenosis (pilfering of spine), degenerative disc and osteoarthritis are some causes behind sciatica. These and more give rise to symptoms.

Hernia might not be behind most cases of sciatica in pregnancy but due to the extra weight of baby carried by to-be moms, back pains are quite common.

Symptoms of sciatic pain during pregnancy

Symptoms of sciatic pain include:

  • Pain in one side of hips at a constant rate.
  • Above mentioned pain in hips may travel to the joints.
  • Pain may range from shooting to throbbing to a needle-like sensation.
  • Not feeling comfortable in any posture

Doctor is to be consulted if the pain becomes unbearable.

What now?

Chiropractic care, massage and light exercises are to be done. To relieve pressure on the aggrieved nerve, try some light rotation of affected points. Due to buoyancy of water, mass of the baby is supported which also relieves the pain.

Pain of sciatica can persevere for long periods of time, hence can be quite irritating. Sore nerves in lower back, buttocks and legs need stretching to ease pain. Long periods of inactivity can worsen the condition. Be as restless as you can be.

Before trying any exercise, do put in a word with your doctor. Dizziness, headaches and uneasiness warrant a visit to the doctor.

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