How to deal with pregnancy pains- rib pain and leg cramps?

Pregnancy pains

Pregnancy pains like rib pain and leg cramps are common specially as you advance towards your third trimester though in some cases it may start pretty early too. As your uterus expands to make way for the little one growing inside you, the pressure on the muscles surrounding the rib cage increases as your pregnancy advances causing you to have a difficult time breathing. The size and weight of your baby is also an issue as heavier babies need more space to grow putting excess strain on your ribs. Rib pains can also be a result of your baby kicking you in the ribs or simply moving by your ribs.

There are certain ways that can help in relieving you of the rib pain during your term of pregnancy:-

1. Wear lose maternity clothes during pregnancy. As your clothes shrink, you will be adding further pressure on your ribs naturally. Wearing lose clothes will make your movement easier.

2. Appropriate sleep position can also help. Sleeping on your left side is recommended to relieve the pressure. Pillow support can also help. Placing a pillow under your side will provide the appropriate alignment when you sleep.

3. A good body massage and exercises that help you stretch can go a long way to relieve the muscle tensions and the stress on your ribs.

Your increased weight also puts pressure on your leg muscles. Pressure of your growing weight may also be placed on the nerves and blood vessels in your legs. As your expanding uterus slows down the blood flow returning from your legs to your heart, your legs tend to swell causing leg cramps. Fatigue from carrying pregnancy weight can also cause leg cramps. They tend to increase as you advance towards the third trimester especially at night. They usually begin around the second trimester and continue untill your baby is born.

The following suggestions can help you whenever you experience a leg cramp:-

1. Stretch your calf muscles by straightening your leg regularly during the day.

2. Don’t stand or sit with your legs crossed for a long time. Sit with your legs elevated.

3. Drink lots of water during the day to stay hydrated and eat a well balanced diet.

4. Do exercise daily accompained with atleast 30 minutes of walk.    

5. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes several times a day.

Remember all your pains will completely disappear as soon as your baby is born!

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