Pelvic pain in pregnancy

pelvic pain

Pregnancy is one of the most exhilarating time of your life but there are a whole lot of complications involved. Pain in pelvic area, a.k.a. Pregnancy related Pelvic Girdle Pain (PPGP) is one of the unpleasant things involved with pregnancy.

Symptoms of PPGP

Haphazard movement of pelvic joints or stiffness in the above mentioned joints causes PPGP. It has not been found to be detrimental to the health of your little one, but it surely causes a lot of discomfort to you.

Symptoms can include:

  1. Severe pain over the pubic bone and in lower back.
  2. Surface between vagina and anus (perineum)  severely affected.
  3. The sound of bones girdling  against each other is also noticed sometimes.

Activities like walking, climbing stairs, turning over in bed and standing up after sitting for long can induce pain. The good news is that PPGP can be treated and women inflicted with it can have a normal vaginal birth.

Rate of infliction

Around 20% of pregnant women suffer from PPGP.

What puts you at risk of developing PPGP?

  1. Suffering from sciatica beforehand
  2. History of injury to this region
  3. History of PPGP from previous pregnancy
  4. Having a job that involves lot of labour

What now?

Key to early and painless recovery is early detection and treatment. Keep doing light movement in affected area to increase chances of recovery. Refer to a specialist physiotherapist if pain does not subsides. Main objective of physiotherapy is to subside pain and improve the positioning of pelvic girdle. Physiotherapy aims at massaging pelvis, hip and lower spine area to normalize their movements.

Some doctors also recommend exercises like deal with the problem.

Techniques for relieving pain

  • Crutches and pelvic support belt may come in handy
  • Plan meticulously each and every movement so that distance traveled is reduced
  • Keep a pillow handy in between your legs while sleeping
  • Try to move around a bit without causing pain
  • Take breaks
  • Urge your partner and friends to help you
  • Opt for flat heels

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