Pregnancy pains- How to cope with aches and pains during pregnancy?

Coping up with pregnancy is a huge challenge. With pregnancy, comes a lot of problems you have to deal with. Symptoms that you are totally new to and find it difficult to handle- Aches and Pains. Aches and pains generally happens because of the growth of your uterus. So backaches and aches near pelvic bone takes place.

Here are some other factors that causes pain during pregnancy and ways to overcome them.

Headaches are one of the most frequent signs in pregnancy. It is common amongst most of the pregnant women. Sometimes you feel pain on both sides of your head. This may be called tension headache which generally takes place during the first trimester. Eating a well-balanced meal and doing regular exercises will help you easing out your regular headaches. Eating small meals at intervals will help you maintain your blood sugar level. Try taking a warm shower or applying ice pack on both the sides of your head.


They are the varicose veins (blood vessels that get swollen up which leads to regular itching and pain especially during bowel movement). Keep a check over your weight and keep your body moving. Straining your feet during this time is not a good idea.


Do you often feel a burning sensation in your chest? This usually happens when there is a hormonal or physical change in your body. The new hormone which is produced allows gastric acid to move up to your throat. To avoid this you need to stop the consumption of spicy and fried foods. Intake of carbonated drinks and acidic fruits and vegetables is also not good. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day and chew a gum after you eat something.

Pain in lower back

More than two third of women experience this. This is because of your growing uterus which expands and shifts. Hormonal changes also loosen your hip joint and relax the ligament area which causes pain. Try exercises like stretching and swimming. Walking regularly will also help. Beware of your posture and try to sit straight.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

The numbness that you feel in your hands are due to Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is usually associated with repetitive hand movements. Doing hand movements and stretching exercises will help you get rid of it.

If these suggestions does not help then consult your doctor for advice.

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