Suffering from breast PAIN? Know how to deal with breast soreness in pregnancy.

Breast soreness during pregnancy

Don’t worry if you feel your breasts are getting tender and a bit larger, you may get to hear some good news really soon! Yes, you may have become pregnant! Sore breasts are first signs of pregnancy. However, some women also feel this tenderness in breasts at the end of their menstrual cycle.

Breast soreness is a very common symptom in pregnancy. It can also last a bit more after your baby comes into this world. This soreness decreases as the pregnancy progress. Not every woman feels same amount of soreness and as a God’s gift some women don’t have to tackle breast pain.

Why breast soreness during pregnancy?

Your body undergoes changes to make it ready to nourish your baby. Estrogen and progesterone surges in your body and sends signals to play their roles. Breasts get a bit larger (usually a cup size) as layers of fat are accumulated in them. Blue veins on them show the development of nourishing fluids for baby. Nipples also protrude more than usual and get really tender. However, it may seem titillating but it will be painful and tender. Along with this your breasts might leak some fluids. By third month, your breasts start producing colostrum. A thick yellow fluid can leak during the last trimester. Some women can show this symptom earlier and some don’t experience the leaking breasts.

How to deal with breast soreness?

Here are some suggestions that will surely ease up your painful breast experience.

  • Maternity Bra: They are specially designed bras for a pregnant woman considering the  changes happening in the body. Pregnancy is time to change your bra as your breasts are now larger, tender and sore. It’s a strict no for underwire bras. Cotton bra or sports bras whichever you feel comfortable, are a yes. Moreover, you can sleep with no bra or only with a bra according to your comfort. Make sure bra is not too tight and is also breathable.
  • Avoiding contacts: You should avoid direct contact with your breasts which may make you feel agonized. You may want to persuade your partner to avoid direct contact with your breasts while lovemaking (if it’s a major part of those happy moments) and even while hugging without hurting your better half emotionally. Sometimes you may feel painful while showering. For this, you can let a stream of water run on your breasts rather than letting the water hit them directly. You should wear seat belts such that they don’t cause discomfort.
  • Water and balanced diet: Water and balanced diet are key to making your and your baby’s life healthy. Drinking sufficient water helps flushing toxic materials from your body and balanced diet helps regulate hormone levels and other symptoms, thereby making it easier to deal with the bodily changes.

Taking these remedies into account will give you comfort during your pregnancy.

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