VIDEO: Baby KICKS can tell you about its health and more!!

Is your baby kicking?

Kicks signifies healthy development your baby:

Kicks indicate that your baby is healthy and active. You can feel your baby’s movements. These movements in the womb are due to  hiccups, hand movements and turning movements. When the baby stretches out his/her limbs during the initial weeks of the pregnancy, you may experience a flap in your abdomen.

Babies kick in response to certain changes in the environment. A baby stretches its limbs in response to some external stimuli, such as music or food that the mother has. You don’t have to worry about it. This is a sign of having a normal baby.

Sleeping to your left side increases the frequency of the kicks

If the pregnant woman lies on her left side, she is bound to experience an increase in the number of kicks. Lying on the left side boosts the blood supply to the foetus. This further results in improvement of the baby’s movements, and you will experience an increase in number of kicks.

Baby kicks more after you have a meal

In pregnancy, you may feel your baby’s kick more often after your meals. Normally, a healthy baby kicks about 15 to 20 times every day.

Babies begin kicking soon after nine weeks

Mostly pregnant woman experience a flap in her abdomen during the early stages of pregnancy. After the 24th week of pregnancy, she will feel the baby’s kicks quite often. Second-time-mom can experience the baby’s kicks soon after it completes 13 weeks of her pregnancy.

Reduced kicks may indicate that baby is in distress

After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor may advise you to track the pattern of your baby’s kicks. You will have to record the time it takes for you to count ten kicks of your baby. Reduced foetal activity can be a matter of concern and might be due to insufficient supply of oxygen. Foetal movements or kicks may drop in number due to low sugar sugar levels.

If the baby doesn’t show any sign of movement even after an hour of the mother eating food, try drinking a glass of cold water. If even that does not work, call your doctor immediately.

Reduced kicks after 36th week do not mean trouble

Sometimes babies rest inside the mother’s womb for as long as 40 to 50 minutes. Post the 36th week of pregnancy, your baby will be growing larger and will not have enough space to move.