Fatigue during pregnancy- Do you feel tired all the time?

Fatigue during pregnancy

Yes, fatigue is common during pregnancy. Some women feel tired all the time while some do not feel it at all. Many women feel extreme tiredness during the first trimester. However, it varies from woman to woman. The hormonal changes that take place are the real reason for your tiredness. Your body is carrying more blood for your baby to receive nutrients. Your blood sugar level and blood pressure is also lower. Increase in the hormone progesterone tend to make you feel sleepy. During your second trimester your energy is renewed, but you need to be careful because you are again haunted by fatigue during your third trimester, when your fetus puts more pressure on your body.

How to manage it?

Rest at your best: Make sure you receive as much sleep as possible, because that is what your body is demanding. That cleaning of the house or watering the plants can wait because your health is more important.

Don’t Refuse: You should tell your partner about how you are feeling and make him understand your problem. Ask for help from your friends and family.

Sleep and Sleep:  Allow your body to rest as much as it wants to, but make sure you don’t overdo it. Go to bed early and take short naps in the afternoon.

Eating Alert:  Eat the right food that provides enough energy to you and your baby. Eat short and healthy meals, instead of those three meals you used to have every day. Make sure you are taking enough carbohydrates and proteins. Avoid eating fatty food because it might be difficult for you to digest it.

Whenever you are feeling tired, try keeping the above mentioned tips in your mind. If things still don’t get better, please consult your doctor.

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