Is the smell of cheese making you sick? Know how to avoid morning sickness during pregnancy

Morning sickness like nausea usually starts on the 6th week of your pregnancy but can also start from the 4th week. However, about half of the women who are suffering from nausea get relief on the 14th week, but for others it takes about another month.

What causes nausea during pregnancy?

Due to human chorionic gonadotropin: This is a hormone that rises at a great speed during pregnancy. No one has been able to find out yet why is it the cause for nausea, but it has been proven that women feel nauseated when the hormone is developed.

Smell and sensitivity: Don’t be amused if you smell cheese burger on the other end of your house. This happens because certain smell trigger the gag reflex.

Stress: Some researchers have claimed that woman are affected with vomiting and nausea due to stress. However there is no conclusive evidence.

Does no morning sickness, indicates that pregnancy will result in miscarriage?

Many doctors find morning sickness to be a good sign because according to them it means that the placenta is developing well. But, it is not necessary to have morning sickness. There is nothing to be worried about. There are cases of perfect deliveries even without morning sickness. So, don’t worry.

 Tips for avoiding morning sickness

  • Eat small meals at regular intervals rather than having the usual three meals you used to have every day.
  • Avoid lying down after eating.
  • Keep away from food that trigger your nausea.
  • Try to eat your food cold because food tends to have more aroma when hot.
  • Regular intake of fluids is necessary especially in between meals. You can also drink juices and probiotic drinks.
  • Regular exercising and walking is necessary.
  • Take sufficient sleep whenever necessary because nausea can become worse if you are tired.
  • Go with aromatherapy. Who knows, it might help.

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