When will my baby bump start showing
When does my baby bump start showing?

During the first couple of months of pregnancy, your baby is really small and has no impact on your belly. There is no set time when to-be-mothers start sporting their pregnant belly. Some women carry their pre-pregnancy belly well into the second trimester while others start showing during the second half of the first trimester.

When will my baby bump become visible?

Some women notice their clothes getting tighter during the first half of the first trimester. This generally happens due to bloating which is a common early symptom of pregnancy. To know about other common early signs of pregnancy click here. It takes time for the uterus to grow and the rounded belly that we associate with pregnancy comes during the second trimester. When the first trimester ends, you can easily pass off as someone who has gained a few extra kilos.

For most women the baby bump starts becoming visible sometime between week 12 to week 16. If this is your first pregnancy then the bump will show a little later than it would in case of a second pregnancy. This is because the muscles of your womb and belly may already have been stretched from your last pregnancy. For similar reasons, older moms start showing their bumps before younger moms.

During the early days of pregnancy, the uterus is pear shaped. Your baby at this time is still an embryo and does not require much space. After the first 12 weeks, as the baby rapidly grows in the womb, the uterus starts growing to accommodate the baby. As your uterus grows it becomes more rounded and rises above the level of your pelvis and starts showing. Somewhere around this time you need to start looking for maternity clothes as the older clothes will not fit anymore.

My baby bump is not showing yet. Should I be worried?

Don’t fret if your bump is not showing yet. The position of the uterus in the body also plays a role in when you will start showing. If the uterus is tilted backwards you will start showing a little later than usual and if it is tilted forward the bump will become visible sooner.

Showing late does not mean that your baby’s growth is less than usual. Doctor’s ascertain the growth of the baby during the second and the third trimester. If your doctor has any doubts about the growth of your baby, they will schedule an ultrasound and check the development of the baby. Sometimes, a wrong due date calculation can lead to a confusion regarding the baby’s growth. In cases where the gestational growth is less than the age, the doctor’s conduct frequent tests to ensure the baby is doing well.