12 great things about having TWINS!

Great things about twins

Twin pregnancy is double bonanza. It will bring you enormous amount of happiness at once. Taking care of twins is a big deal and it does require a lot of hard work. But as you know this, hard work pays off well.

So let’s have a look at all the great things about having twins. Here we go:

  1. Two hearts beating inside you will always warm your heart. Not everyone gets to experience this feeling. You are lucky!
  2. The bond between the twins is special and unbreakable. They will always stand by each other no matter what. 
  3. You will never have to worry about their playmates. They can always entertain each other.
  4. Nothing can beat the feeling of hearing your baby say “mumma” for the first time or watching your baby walk for the first time- you will experience it twice. Isn’t that amazing!
  5. You don’t have to wait to have another baby. All the pain at one go and you will end up with two little munchkins.
  6. Watching your cuties sleep side by side can be heart-melting. Get ready for more cute moments as they are never going to end.
  7. Holding your babies in your arms- Proud mommy moment!
  8. “Mommy of twin babies”- gives you instant celebrity status!
  9. Getting over with all the sleepless nights at one go- Now that’s something.
  10. You may fall in love with your husband all over again. Watching your man help you with those difficult nights with your cranky twins, with definitely make your relationship stronger.
  11. Try having similar sounding names for your babies- calling them together will be so much fun!
  12. No age gap will ever let the friendship between them fade away.

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