12 Tips to help you prepare for baby’s birth

Hospital bag
1. Pack your hospital bag
Since your baby could arrive early, it’s always a good idea to have a bag ready with things you’re going to need in hospital. Packing beforehand ensures that you don’t feel rushed to remember everything when your water breaks two weeks early in the middle of the night.
2. Prepare the birth announcements

Sending out birth announcements is a great way to let all your friends and family members know that your baby has arrived. While you’ll probably phone many of your close friends and family shortly after the baby arrives, there’s probably an extended list of acquaintances and relatives who’ll be excited to find out about your baby’s birth. Prepare the email or mailing list before your baby is due or ask a friend or family member to post the announcement on your Facebook page (if you want to take the social media route to make the announcement) once your baby has arrived.

3. Stock up on baby products

Stock up on nappies, wipes, and baby bath and body products. Also stockpile stain removal treatment, a detergent for sensitive baby skin, cloth nappies (for your shoulder), and a supply of baby bibs.

4. Install the car seat

Make sure your baby’s car seat has been properly installed – although a 100% fitting can be tricky first time around. However, ensure you know how to do it and how to secure your baby in the seat for a safe journey home.

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