Can household chores affect your baby!!! Safety guide for moms-to-be

Safety guide for all the moms-to-be:

It is really good to keep your body moving during pregnancy. However, there are certain household chores you should avoid doing during pregnancy because it might affect your baby.

Dealing with chemicals

It is understandable that a clean environment is really important during pregnancy. But you have to stay away from harsh chemicals used in cleaning. If you still can’t resist and want to to clean you’re the windows of your room, put on a pair of gloves whenever you are cleaning. Using home stuff like vinegar or baking soda will be more advisable for you.

Activities that involve climbing or balancing

If you are getting too tensed about cleaning the fan then ask your maid or anyone at home to do it because climbing ladders is not good for you, it can put strain and you might also fall.

Activities that involve lifting or moving

Try not to pressurise yourself by lifting those heavy grocery bags, bucket of water  or moving heavy furniture because you would already be going through a lot of back strain  as you will carrying your growing baby and regular lifting might cause injuries.  Some doctors recommend not to lift heavy things as there were cases of premature labor, bleeding and rupture of the amniotic sac in the past.

Managing cat litter

It is said that cat litter has toxoplasmosis. It is a chemical which might not be dangerous for you, but it might be for the growing baby. Ask your maid to clean it till the time you deliver.

You should also wash your vegetables before eating because they are layered with soil.

You must also be careful about:         
  • Try not to stand for longer duration. If you need to cut vegetables, pull out a chair and sit for a while.
  • Try to avoid cooking dishes such as halwa, dosa which requires you to stand for longer hours instead cook easy and less time taking meals
  • Speak with your partner whether he could take care of certain tasks that you are finding difficulty in doing
  • If you sleep on the floor ask someone to lift the mattress up, bending down for longer hours is not good for you. Also try avoiding washing clothes or picking up the litter up from the ground because it might cause strain in your back which might lead to a serious injury

Otherwise, you are good to work during your pregnancy period just that you need to keep all the above mentioned points in mind.

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