Happy Karwa Chauth Ladies!!! Precautions & Tips- Don’t forget that you are pregnant.

Karwa Chauth- Tips & Precautions during pregnancy

Karwa Chauth is a fast kept by Hindu women for their loving husband’s prosperity and long life wherein not even a sip of water is allowed to be taken until the fast is complete. This along the pregnancy hormones put the expecting mothers in a dilemma of whether or not she should go for the fast. We have laid down some tips that you should keep in mind while fasting during pregnancy:-

1. Consult your obstetrician  Consult your obstetrician before going for fasting during pregnancy since not only you but your baby’s daily nutrition needs are effected.  Without optimum nutrition level in your body, fast may not seem to be a good idea. Your obstetrician can certainly advise you on the same depending on the trimester you are in.
2. Be self conscious – As Pregnancy increases the urge to eat, it is important for you to be prepared for some acidity, fatigue, dizziness or nausea. But do not panic since these symptoms are only a result of your fasting and nothing serious. In case the urge to eat becomes extreme, do not hesitate to have something to eat or drink like a fruit salad or juice.
3. Keep your mind distracted – Keep up with your regular work rountine and try to keep urself busy as much as possible. Avoid any sort of exhausting physical labour and take adequate nap during the day. Stay relaxed and endulge into lighter activities like reading or simply listening to music.
4. Henna – It is a tradition to apply henna on hands. Make sure it is not made up of synthetic dyes and should not result in any kind of allergy. Opting for natural henna paste should be considered. Also if you have allergic tendencies then it is always better to avoid such products.    
5. Cheat-sheet – A complete no food, no water fast is not recommended. Talk to your mother and mother-in law and make an exception. Your body needs continuous energy, so a diet consisting of just milk and fruits can also be opted for.

Do your pooja, be cheerful and bright throughout the day and remember your utmost priority is your baby’s health and well-being. Happy Karwa Chauth!

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