Do you know- Mosquitoes relish feeding on Pregnant Women?

Mosquito bites during pregnancy pregnancy

If you have been going out a lot , you must have noticed that mosquitoes are biting you more than ever? It is going to get worse so watch out!!

Mosquitoes are more attracted towards pregnant women. If a pregnant woman is breathing more as she has to drag a bit of extra weight during pregnancy, she is will exhale more carbon dioxide which will then can attract mosquitoes. Plus, pregnant women have a warmer average body temperature, which is another signal for biting and landing.

No one wants to come down with a mosquito-borne disease while she is pregnant (or even if you’re not pregnant!). 

So what can you do to stay safe?

Here are 5 tips for staying bite-free:

  1. Light colour clothing- Mosquitoes that bite during the day prefer dark-coloured clothing, so wear light coloured clothes.
  2. Keep your body covered- Wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce exposure.
  3. Wear loose-fitting clothing- Mosquitoes can easily bite through tight clothing. If you are still wearing tight clothing, make sure it is very tightly knit.
  4. Mosquito Repellents- Use a repellent that has been tested and registered with the EPA. You should look out for the registration number listed right above the ingredients. Products with DEET when used in reasonable amounts would be effective and safe for pregnant women.
  5. Other alternatives- If you are out on the deck, Citronella candles might provide some protection. Tiki torches, or campfire smoke are other good options if you are camping.

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