Love wearing HEELS? 5 RISKS of wearing heels during pregnancy.

Wearing heels during pregnancy

Should I wear heels? What if I trip? Are the questions that come to your mind when you are pregnant. We understand that wearing heels might have become a habit for you, and you might be finding it really difficult to avoid it. But, trust us a lot of women shed their heels during pregnancy. Which is a good thing! You should find the right heels for yourself because your baby starts developing by this time. However, even if you want to wear it somewhere then make sure that you are carrying flats too because your feet may hurt after sometime because it will now carry the weight of your growing body.The doctors recommend to avoid heels during the second trimester.

Here are few reasons why:
Backache: Wearing heels will make your pelvic muscle bend forward. The ligaments in your lower legs are loosened during pregnancy and wearing heels will put excess pressure on your pelvic and your back. Wearing heels will cause aches around the joints and ligaments in lower back.
Decrease in Balance: Strength in your ankle is likely to reduce due to hormonal changes and excess weight. This is the reason why you might lose balance and and might even trip.
Muscles Stretch: Like your back abdomen, your ankle and calf ligaments also loosen due to pregnancy hormones. This leads to stretching of muscles in the feet. The shoes that you used to wear pre pregnancy will now be tight.
Miscarriage: If you are not a regular heel wearer then avoid them because you will already be carrying so much weight. Heels anyways are a no-promise footwear and in pregnancy you will have higher chance of tripping which can cause serious effects on the baby.
Swelling: Edema is a medical condition which causes legs, ankles and feet to swell which is quite common in pregnancy. And wearing heels when your feet are already swollen is definitely not a good idea it might further worsen the condition and you might feel pain in your feet.


Tips for wearing heels
  • Try wearing low heels, buy heels that are comfortable and try not going on the looks at least till your pregnancy period.
  • Avoid wearing stilettos or any other such footwear because the thinner the heels get the difficult it will get for your to balance the weight and you might trip.
  • If you are wearing heels the entire day, take breaks, sit down for a while and remove them. Going for wedges heels will be better because they are broader.
  • Don’t walk or stand for longer hours in heels because they it will increase pressure which might make your feet hurt.

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