Doctor Desk: Love your pregnant body

Body image is habitually a major concern for women, and during pregnancy this becomes even more significant. Some women embrace their new outline, seeing it as a substantial sign of the wonderful process their body is experiencing. Others maybe appalled by the changes in their shape, and be anxious that they will never come back to their original figure.

Accept the changes by comprehending why they occur

Your body begins to function slightly differently as an egg is fertilized and implanted in your uterus. It expands a fetal life support system, which comprises of the placenta, umbilical cord as well as amniotic sac. One of the most significant functions of the placenta is to manufacture hormones that maintain pregnancy as well as make sure the baby stays healthy. Moreover, it is these hormones which initiate the visible changes in your pregnant body.

• Swollen breasts is one of the first symptoms that you will observe. This happens because the hormones are organizing them for lactation. Several women find they go up numerous bra sizes throughout pregnancy. This increase may continue after pregnancy as you breastfeed your baby.

• Your metabolism also boosts throughout these first few weeks, hence you may discover you have an advice to eat more, or else a craving for a scrupulous kind of food. At the same time, your blood stream boosts, creating the famed pregnancy flame.

• The uterus, wherever the fetus is gradually growing, will begin to expand as well as the amniotic sac will plug with fluid, forming a shielding cushion in the region of the baby. Though several women will not begin to ‘show’ in anticipation of their second trimester – this is predominantly true of those with definite abdominal muscles – the continuing expansion soon becomes noticeable.

You might also experience swollen hands or feet, marks and pigmentation, varicose veins or acne outbreaks. However, you should know that your pregnant body is beautiful.

Appreciate the significance of raising a positive body picture

Those with a negative approach towards their pregnant body image are typically more prone to eating disorders such as anorexia as well as bulimia. Long-term sufferers may discover that they have troubles conceiving, however even if they do, an eating chaos can affect the complete reproductive course and the fitness of the baby. The following complications are linked with eating disorders for the duration of pregnancy:

• Possibility of cesarean delivery
• Delayed fetal development
• Respiratory tribulations
• Untimely labor
• Stillbirth or else fetal death
• Intrauterine growth matters, perhaps showing the way to disability
• Gestational diabetes
• Little birth weight
• Little amniotic fluid

It is vital to ensure that body image issues are dealt with prior to or during early phases of pregnancy.

Dr Ragini Agarwal
Director Medical Services
Clinical Director – Obstetrics & Gynaecology
W Pratiksha Hospital
30+ Years of Experience