When will your baby belly go down? This timeline of weight loss should help!

post pregnancy weight loss

The average weight of a newborn is approximately 7.5 pounds. But the question is how many pounds will you weigh when you walk out of the delivery room? What will bother you more will be to know how long will it take for you to get your pre-pregnancy body back? The timeline will be different for every woman.  Also there are number of factors that influence your weight like—how much weight you have gained during pregnancy, whether or not you are breastfeeding, your diet and exercise regime. Considering all the above, there are certain post pregnancy weight loss indicators you can mark on your calendar.

24 hours after birth

Post-delivery a woman loses an average of 12 pounds almost immediately after giving birth. This happens because you have delivered the baby, lost blood, fluids, amniotic fluid. Within 24-hour period, your postpartum “pooch” is already starting to go down. In other words, a lot of that body weight was your baby’s weight.

Baby belly after one week

You are releasing a lot of fluids while passing urine, especially if you had an IV/epidural, which means you are still losing weight. But do not get on a scale yet, focus on how your clothes fit instead of what the scale says.

Women lose more weight after birth if they are breastfeeding because breastfeeding consumes calories. Therefore, women are advised to consume an additional 500 calories per day if they are nursing. But note, that it is not true for everyone. Some women might lose weight quicker than others whether or not they are breastfeeding.

Two weeks later

We would request the new moms to not weigh themselves during the first two weeks, as they still might be establishing breastfeeding and the hormones might have just started to come down. Do not worry about the number on the scale as it usually does not reflect the body fat, do not discourage yourself. We would suggest you to measure your waist with a measuring tape once a month to track inches instead of pounds.

One month later

It does sound too good to be true, but it is common for new moms to lose as many as 20 pounds in the month after delivery, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Since most women are recommended to gain 25-35 pounds while pregnant, but just one month, and you might be almost back to your pre-baby size!

Six weeks later

The uterus is back to the pelvis around this time, so your belly should be looking flatter and smaller by now.

A few months later

ACOG suggests, if you continue the healthy eating habits you began during pregnancy, you will be close to your normal weight within a few months of giving birth. Exercise will further help you get fitter, faster, too.

Nine months later

It is said, nine months on, nine months off. But if you have gained more than the recommended 25-35 pounds, it could take a bit longer then expected. But do not worry and hang in there.

At last, we would like to say that each woman loses postpartum weight at her own pace. So leave the worries aside and get started with some healthy eating and work out regime!