VIDEO: Adorable Dogs protecting their pregnant owners!!! Tips to prepare your pet for the baby.

It is quite possible that as your bump grows, your animals perhaps get a sense of what is going on. Needless to say, they may be a little jealous, especially if they have been your “babies” until now.

To keep your pets from getting too stressed when baby comes home, try these tips. These will help you prepare your pet for the baby:

Sound training

Babies make all sorts of new sounds. Turn on your baby’s swing or toys that make noise. You can even play recordings of babies crying. This can help your fur babies for the home’s new baby.

Time for new rules

Start preparing them for new rules, like when and where they are allowed in the house.

Smell training

Let them sniff the new stuff you are buying for the baby like diapers, lotions, powders etc to get them accustomed to the new aromas.

Ignore them sometimes

We know that it is tough! But as you probably be spending much less time with your pet once the baby is around, you can help it get adjusted by slowly spending less time with it now. It might be tempting to get as much cuddle time as possible before the baby changes the whole set up. Gradual change is much easier on an animal than suddenly cutting them off when you bring your baby home. Your spouse can also help you out by establishing a stronger relationship with your pet, rearranging a bit of the attention rather than cutting it out.

Bring in the babies

Inviting your friends who have babies to your place, may help your pet get used to having an infant around, and will also give you an opportunity to see how your pet reacts to babies. Be sure to monitor them closely!

Cross the bad habits off the list

Train your pet to not jump on the crib or in your lap without permission (because that is where the baby will be!), or engage in potential harmful behaviour like jumping, nibbling or swatting. Some mom-to-be use aluminium foil or double-sided tape on the crib to train cats not to jump up (both materials tend to freak felines out).

Visit the vet

Do not forget to have your animals checked by the vet before the baby comes home to make sure that they are healthy and up to date on vaccinations. Remember to make arrangements for your pet’s care while you are off delivering the baby!

Last but not the least, just relax and trust that everything will be fine. Your pets may take a little time to get adjusted to the baby. But they are going to be their first friends and love them like crazy! Its always good to prepare your pet for the baby well in advance.