Is it safe to make love during pregnancy?

Love making during pregnancy

Are you worried about how safe love making can be during pregnancy?

Well in the simplest words, Yes it is absolutely safe to make love in a normal pregnancy even during the early weeks after you get pregnant and until your water breaks. The amniotic fluid and strong muscles layers of your uterus surrounding your womb are sufficient enough to keep your baby safe and protect the baby from any sort of trauma as your pregnancy progresses. The thick mucus plug that seals your cervix also protects the baby against infections. However, checking with your gynaecologist and keeping an eye for the do’s and don’ts may help.

It is not advisable for you to have sex during pregnancy if you have any of the following:

1. Carrying twins or multiples
2. A threat or history of miscarriage or a low-lying placenta
3. A sexually transmitted disease (or even if your partner does)
4. Unexplained vaginal bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy
5. A history of cervical weakness or have undergo fertility treatment
6. Abdominal pain or cramps or have had a history of premature labor

Let’s check out the positive sides:

1. If you and your partner are having sex regularly during pregnancy, you are less likely to give birth prematurely
2. You may find sex during pregnancy to be better and more enjoyable than before due to the increased flow of blood to your genitals and pelvis
3. You may find other ways of intimidation like cuddling or massaging relaxing and more satisfying
4. It is even okay to have oral sex as long as your partner is not suffering from oral herpes and doesn’t blow air into your vagina
5. The baby gives you a reason to talk more openly and share your emotions and feelings and discuss your future plans with your partner

The experience of love making during pregnancy entirely depends upon how your hormones react and can be different for different women. Some women may even feel uneasiness or discomfort during or after intercourse. Some tend to feel too much pain in their breasts due to the tenderness. Abdominal cramps are also likely. Since the oxytocin hormone is said to trigger labor, your doctor may advise you not to make love during the final trimester of pregnancy. Hence, the best way to enjoy would be to indulge in gentle love making and avoid the positions you are not comfortable with and talk openly to your partner about the changes in your desire for sex.

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