Babymoon tips- Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?

Travel during pregnancy

Who would not want to relax during their pregnancy phase? Just to go away and relax for some time and also spend time with the spouse. Although, a lot of couples like to enjoy at home, some of them like to travel to make it more special. So, if you are one of them then here are some tips you can take for your baby moon:

It is said, that second trimester is the best time to travel. This is because, you will be getting more comfortable with your pregnancy and the nausea and the morning sickness will also ease out.

Hit easy on the road

If you have planned to hit the road and go road tripping then make sure your seat belt is on all the time especially when you are driving. In case of any mishap you will save yourself and your baby bump if you will put your seatbelt on. Make sure to move your seat as far as possible so as to maximise the distance between you and the dashboard.

Vaccinations on point

Before leaving for any trip and especially if you are travelling overseas make sure you get all the vaccines done.

Don’t leave without care

Before planning out any place that you will be going to, be sure that place has medical facilities. Jot down the address and the contact number of the nearest hospital

Go nearby

If you will be driving and going to some place then make sure you pick a place that is not too far from your place. Because sitting continuously for 10 hours in the car will just not be good for you and your baby.

Have a look over restrictions: Nowadays, we hearing a lot about Zika virus. Get your facts clear about the Zika prone area before leaving. Also take proper precautions

Keep the flow running

No matter where you are you need to take short breaks to give rest to your feet so as to avoid swelling and to keep the blood flow running. Try not to sit cross legged because that might result in clots. Keep moving from time to time.

Take a note of all the above mentioned points and you are good to go. Happy journey!

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