Is it safe to use mosquito repellents and flea sprays during pregnancy?

Mosquito repellent during pregnancy


Definitely, it is completely safe to use mosquito repellents during pregnancy. Having said that, it will also depend upon what kind of repellent you are using. This is because many mosquito repellent contain N, N-diethyl-benzamide (DEB) or N-diethyl-3-methyl benzamide (DEET). However, mosquito repellent which are up to 50 per cent DEET are considered safe to use.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to pregnant women?

According to research, mosquitoes get more attracted to pregnant women. The reason being that pregnant women breathe more and as a result exhales a lot of carbon dioxide which attracts the mosquitoes. Another reason is the high body temperature of the pregnant woman which again attracts mosquitoes as they stay in high temperatures.

Some of the repellents that you should know about are:

Spatial Repellents

These are coils, spray aerosols, vaporisers and mats. These repellents can help in clear rooms and areas of mosquitoes, but they may irritate the eyes or cause allergies followed by headaches.

Pest control treatments

Many people prefer taking pest control in their houses to get rid of the mosquitoes. If it’s being done at your house then stay away from the area which is being treated. After its done open the window to breathe in some fresh air. It will also be good for you if you stay away from the construction area in your society or in front of your house, because inhaling toxic air is not good for your health. You can also wear a mask to protect yourself.

Natural repellents

Some home remedies are used to decrease the number of mosquitoes like putting cloves in lime, however they are not very effective. Candles made from mosquito repelling scent and essential oils will be a good way, but these too are not as effective as the chemical repellents.

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