Your teeth might loosen- Know all about how body changes in second trimester?

Second trimester

You might have noticed that you are feeling a lot better with your morning sickness gone in the second trimester. The nausea and vomiting eases slowly and your mood swings become stable. You will be requiring maternity clothes as your body will gain weight rapidly.

Movements of the baby

You will experience fluttering movements in your second trimester. Though, your baby moves in the first trimester also but the movements are not noticeable, but they become prominent enough in this trimester.


At this stage you might feel out of breath for little things. This is a perfectly normal thing because as your uterus grows it crowds the lungs which makes it harder for you to breathe.

Baby Bump

By week 16, your baby bump will start developing and your hips will also widen. You are likely to gain 16 to 22 pounds by week 27. Stretch marks and bigger breast will be the other changes, this will be because your breast will be getting prepared for breastfeeding. The skin around your nipples are likely to darken.

You will experience dry and itchy skin and your sensitivity to the sun will also increase. There will be patches of darker skin all over your body.

Emotional changes

Your body will go through a lot of emotional and psychological changes. This means that you will worry about your changing skin or your loss of hair. Pamper yourself as much as you can and do the things that makes you feel better.

Bad sleep dreams

You might get weird or scary dreams sometimes of your baby due to which you might sweat also in the middle of the night. But, there is nothing to worry about, it’s a common thing.

Leg pain

Leg cramps will be common especially during your sleep. This will be because of the weight of the growing baby because of which it will put pressure on your nerves which will become disturbing at the end.

Loosening of teeth

The pregnancy hormones will also affect the ligaments of your body and also the bones in your mouth. So, your teeth may loosen. However, this will go away post pregnancy.

Nasal congestion and nose bleed

This might be because of increased blood flow to the mucous membrane in nose and mouth.

With morning sickness and nausea gone, second trimester will definitely be better than first trimester. Happy pregnancy!

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