Alternative Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques during pregnancy
Alternative Relaxation Techniques To Relieve Labor Pains

As pregnancy progresses and labor seems to be around the corner, it is natural to experience a certain amount of fear and anxiety in anticipation of giving birth. Delivery is referred to as “labor” because it is hard, grueling, painful work, but it is not work that you have to fear.

Because no two women interpret pain in the same way, now is the time to think about how you might react to your labor pains.  Relaxation, preparation, and knowledge are essential aspects of a positive birth experience.


The following relaxation techniques, which incorporate all the senses, will help you and your partner focus your energy to manage pain in order to have as positive and productive a labor as possible.


What we see impacts our emotions and our behaviors.  If what you see during labor is a relaxing environment with soft lighting, lamps, or candles (if allowed), you will experience feelings of safety, tranquility, and warmth.

The right environment will also minimize distractions.  You can bring some pictures that remind you of a relaxing vacation spot.  In addition, you can consider hanging your baby’s first outfit where you can see it in order to have a motivational focal point.


Music has the ability to make you want to dance or it can lull you to sleep.  Music therapy can be an effective aid in helping you relax and work through your contractions.  You may find sounds like ocean waves, birds chirping or bubbling brooks can help you focus on the waves of your contractions.

Many stores have a CD section where you can listen to music and find just the right kind to help you relax.  Many women have enjoyed the music of Yanni or Enya in their birth environment.  After you have found music and sounds that you find relaxing, play the music throughout your pregnancy.

By doing so, you will program yourself to automatically relax when the time for birth arrives.

Source: American Pregnancy Association Promoting Pregnancy Wellness

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