Labour Pains – 10 ways to deal with it.

Labour pain
Labour pains

Every women has a different experience of labour. From epidural to breathing techniques, see what all can help in reducing labour pain as much as possible.

1. Do not Panic

Delivering a baby requires you to undergo a lot of pain. But do not panic. There are multiple ways that can help you in managing and overcoming that stage. It’s really important to keep an open mind, relax your body and be prepared for what is yet to come.

2. Divert your focus

One of the easiest ways to divert your mind from what is happening around you is by focusing on something that can easily make you smile. This will not only help you bear the pain but will also tend to create a soothing environment around you.

3. Breathing

To stay relaxed, focus on your breathing. As you inhale and exhale deeply, your mind will tend to relax and help you through the contraction.

4. Warm shower

Pouring warm water on your abdomen area and your lower back will help in lowering the pain and may even speed up labour.

5. Move around

Walking and changing positions will not only ease the pain but will also get you through the process of labour faster by stimulating the movement of the baby.

6. Body Massage

Won’t the touch of someone you love or someone who cares for you make you feel gentle and warm? Holding hands or little massage strokes can always help in releasing the pain.

7. Music

Listen to your favourite tracks for natural pain management. Music can yet again help in taking your mind off the contractions and help you through the labour. So do keep your music player handy!

8. The Pillow therapy

Supporting your lower back with cushions and pillows will help make you sit in a comfortable position. Adjust the pillows and change your position as you progress through the different phases of labour.

9. Support person

Always have the person who can support you the most around you. Don’t be afraid of shouting or crying out. The doctors and nurses have already heard it a million times before. Anything and everything that can help you relax your mind should be within your ambit.

10. Reveal nothing but the truth

Tell your doctor as soon as the pain starts getting more than what you are able to handle. Your doctor might suggest an epidural to help you cope with the pain and its completely okay to get one.

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