5 factors that will help you decide the ideal time to start your MATERNITY LEAVE!

Managing work during pregnancy

This might be a tough decision for you to make since you are a working women and have a habit of working come what may. But pregnancy is different than any other situation. You are not responsible for just your health but also your baby’s well being is based on the decisions you take. Some women take their maternity leave only after the baby is born, but most of them take it in the last few weeks of their pregnancy. We understand that you might be facing difficulty in making a decision. On one hand, your pregnancy symptoms are forcing you to leave your demanding job and take rest for a while, and on the other hand the baby inside you also needs your full time attention and care after. The earliest you can start with your maternity leave is 11 weeks before your due date. You can work till your due date if you are all fine.

5 factors that will help your decide are:

See your heath: You should keep this in your mind that your health is the most important thing. Though every pregnancy is different, you should see for yourself. If you are going through symptoms like lack of sleep, severe pain, heartburn then you should definitely take leave no matter how early it is.

Your commute: Driving for long hours or waiting really long in the traffic might be problematic and exhausting and you can’t put your and your baby’s health at risk like that. However, you could request your boss to let you work on alternate days in the office and for the rest of the days, you could work from home.
How demanding your job is: If your job requires you to do a lot of physical activity then you should definitely go for maternity leave or request your boss to adjust your work hours. But if you have desk job then it might be comparatively easy for you to continue with your work even in the later stages of pregnancy.
Before plans: You should take leave if you have huge plans to cover before the baby arrives. Things like shopping for the baby and spending a little quality time with your spouse can be a good way to utilise your maternity leave.
Talk to mum: Talk to your mother or other mothers about their maternity leave and when is the best time to go on leave. 

At the end, it is you who has to take the decision that is in the best interest of you and your baby. 

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