5 must have things for working Moms-to-be!

Spending a fortune on maternity clothes doesn’t seem to be a great idea after all you might not even get to use them again in future. Depending on the trimester you are in, you can alter your style and clothing patterns. In fact for the initial few months, you will be able to wear your regular clothes. Its only in the later trimesters that you might feel the need to go shopping. The maternity wear available at the stores may be little loose for you at first, but remember they are the best when it comes to you and your baby’s comfort.

And while you are busy updating your wardrobe with maternity wear don’t forget your feet. Even if your work demands sitting for long hours, comfortable shoes and flats are a must-have. You might even want to ditch those heels for a while.

We have listed here 5 must have maternity wear for the working moms-to-be:

Office maternity fashion

1. Blazer – Be it an official meet or a late night dinner party, a blazer will surely help you pull off any dress. Wear it with a blouse or toss it over a dress and you are good to go.

Office maternity fashion

2. Work Shirts or tunics – Airy collared shirt or tunic can go a long way even if you don’t want to tuck them. Pair it with a skirt or a straight fit pant and you can gracefully conceal your growing belly.

Office maternity fashion

3. Low rise pants – To give your growing belly some extra space, go for a low rise pair of pants. Try and find a pair that is sleek and comfortable like your yoga pants if they are made from cotton or rayon fabric and yet looks work wear.

Office maternity fashion

4. Pretty little dress – Now that you are a mom does not mean you are not allowed to flaunt your body. A dress is always a win-win when it comes to work wear. Also, once the word of your pregnancy is out, you might not feel the need to hide your belly anymore.
Maternity dressing styles
5. A-Line Kurtis- Pep up your maternity look with some nice A-line kurtis. It will not only oomp up your glamour quotient but will also keep you and your baby bump comfy!

Ladies, always remember pregnancy is the time to cherish and flaunt your body. So, stay youthful and hydrated at all times and try to bring about a balance in your work and family life.

Maternity office wear

6. Handy-handbag – Now that you are pregnant, you are going to need a lot of pumping gear to carry along all throughout your day. So a big handbag with a plenty of room for your stuff is desirable.

Happy Pregnancy!

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